Sunday, September 16, 2007

Tiger stadium

The contents of Tiger Stadium are up for auction. This makes me remember the many times I went to that ballpark. Mostly, I went with my Dad. I remember he would always make me carry a jacket... even in the hottest part of the summer, because at night it "might get chilly". I remember my Dad getting sweet tickets from Geoff Zahn when the Twins, and later the Angels, came to town. Nothing was cooler than my Dad asking the batboy to grab Geoff during pregame, and my Dad talking to him as I stood there. I felt like every kids eyes were watching me. I hung out in the bleachers with the Kuras' once and spent a very memorable game in the tiger den once too. The last time I was there was when I won tickets to opening day in 1999; the last opening day there ever. I didn't know how great that place was until I couldn't go there anymore. Almost every piece of the stadium is included in the auction. From seats, to signs, to those portable hot dog steamers the venders would carry around. The most interesting thing I saw on the auction, is the trough style urinal from the home clubhouse. The bid is currently only at $200. What a steal! Check out the auction HERE

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Friday, September 07, 2007

Subbed for 1st grade

OK, I subbed for 1st grade today. I am not sure it should be called 1st grade yet because these kids are basically 1 week out of kindergarten. It certainly felt more like full day kindergarten without an aid. Basically this is how my the first hour of my day went:

1. "Everybody put book bags away, sharpen pencils, get a drink, and use the potty, then sit down at your desks quietly for announcements please."
2. Repeat number 1 twenty six times
3. "Class, please follow directions"
4. Repeat number 1 eighteen more times
5. "Please write your name on the paper I just handed out"
6. Repeat number 5 twenty two times
7. "Class, please follow directions"
8. Jimmy shouts "I need to sharpen my pencil!"
9. Tiffany shouts "I don't know how to do that"
10. I say "If you have a question, please raise your hand"
11. 25 hands go up
12. "OK class, please follow my directions they are very straight forward. Write your name on the top of the blank paper I just handed out"
13. I say "if you do not understand my directions, please raise your hand"
14. one hand this time.... "yes Esmeralda?" and she says, "Mr. S, may I please use the potty?" I respond "of course, please hurry"
15. then I ask the class "why are we talking? Remember my directions? Did I mention anything about talking to your neighbor?"
16. me: "Rudolph? where are you going? I didn't say anything about getting out of your chair in my directions"
17. me: "OK I need everyone to be quiet for me please... I am looking for quiet hands... who can tell me and the rest of the class what my directions were?"
18. No hands this time
19. "Mr. S, My brother has a pet lizard. It eats bugs."
20. Potty break

I wish I could say that the rest of the day got better, but it really didn't. I wish I could spend a whole day in there teaching them the meaning of "follow directions"

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

First Day

C1's first day of school was yesterday. He has been talking about going back to school for awhile now. He actually got dressed and had his shoes on 30 minutes early. When I told him it wasn't time to leave for school yet, he was disappointed. When we got to preschool, C1 walked right in and said "Good morning" to his teacher just like a pro. C2 tried to follow him into class and got quite upset when he couldn't stay. I have been substitute teaching too. I had Kindergarten last week, 2nd grade yesterday, and a 1st grade class this Friday. I wondered how quickly I would be getting calls, but it seems like right away.

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Sunday, September 02, 2007

College football season is underway

When I talk to people about my interest in college sports, I often tell them that my 2 favorite teams are the Michigan State Spartans, and whoever is playing the University of Michigan. Well, yesterday was a dream come true. Michigan State won handily against a weak Alabama-Birmingham team. Although the UAB Blazers are not a powerhouse football squad, the Spartans looked half-way decent in Coach Dantonio's first game. (if you remember, I asked A.D. Ron Mason to terminate last years head coach John L. Smith, and of course he took my advice) On the other side of the coin, my other favorite football team (the Appalachian State Mountaineers) handed the Wolverines what I, and many experts, call the biggest upset in the history of sport. I know it is not very sportsmanship-like to root for a team to lose, but now I don't have to listen to Michigan fans talk about a National championship for 12 more months. And who knows, MSU can still go undefeated and win the national championship. I know they have no chance, and they may very well go 3-9 this year, but it looks like we may have a chance to beat Michigan this year for the first time since 2001. Oh, and another thing, if U of M is looking for another head coach, I hear that John L. Smith is available.

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