Thursday, October 23, 2008

Left Lane Drivers

My family drove to Florida last week for a holiday. What ever happened to the rule where you drive in the right lane until you come to a slower car, use the left lane to pass, and then get back over? There are more people than ever before that like to stay in the left lane of a 2 lane highway. I don't get it. It's like people merge onto the freeway, and scoot all the way over to the left lane regardless of the traffic. Rush hour? they scoot over to the left lane. No traffic on the road for miles? They scoot over. When we got to our destination, I mentioned how this phenomenon bother me to my father-in-law. He snickered and asked me to mention it to his wife. They had also made the 800 mile journey and I guess (I'll call her K to keep her anonymous), I guess K is "one of those" that loves the left lane. I used this opportunity to find out what makes her tick. I first asked her "Why?". Her response was that if she is in the left lane then she doesnt have to worry about all the cars getting on and off the freeway like she would have to in the right lane. She said there is too much jostling around in the right lane. Yeah, I know! I told her that maybe because she is blocking the left lane that is why people have to "jostle" in the right lane. I asked her if she knew that cars that travel faster than her have to slow down and pass her in the right lane, which can be dangerous. She said that she does it to slow faster cars down... she felt like she was doing her fair share to make the roads safer. What! Sure, people have to slow down because you are blocking traffic... I dont get how this is safer. She loved the fact that it bothered me. I think that is another reason that she failed to mention. I think she likes making other drivers go around her. I think it is a power thing for K. She also told me that it isn't illegal so she isn't breaking the law, but speeders ARE breaking the law. I finally told her that she was right it isn't illegal (in most states), but is wasn't a driving issue, it was a common courtesy issue. I told her that I thought it was disrepectful to other drivers, and although it quite possibly was NOT illegal, it shows her arrogance.So that is a little insight into a left lane driver's head. Are you a left lane driver? To find out, count how many vehicles pass you on the right. If it is more than 1 per mile, YOU are a left lane driver. We took different interstates home.

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Friday, October 03, 2008

The Election

I make no secret that I am for McCain/Palin. I hold traditional conservative ideals, and I believe this ticket best represents my beliefs. However, I won't be too upset if Obama wins the election. Don't get me wrong, I will be upset. But the way I think of it is that if Obama wins, it will be easier for a republican to win in 2012. Another thing happens if Obama wins in '08; Hillary will not run against Obama in 2012. At least I don't think she will. I have been wrong before. I mean when Bill Clinton won in 1992 and 1996, I was very very upset about it. I wont feel that way if Obama wins in 2008. Speaking of Hillary, I wonder what she thinks of Governor Palin. I bet she secretly cannot stand the sight of her.

Another thing about Sarah Palin. I personally enjoy the "you betcha"'s and "darn right"'s and "gosh darn"s. But I must admit I can certainly understand why these phrases get her in trouble. I also must say that Tina Fey's portrayal of Palin on SNL was right on. I mean at one point Fey used Palin's words verbatum... and it was funny. I hope Palin is our next V.P., but if she isn't, watch out for this lady. Is she ready to be V.P.? Darn right she is ready.

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