Friday, August 29, 2008

Tiger Stadium Demo

I was in Detroit last weekend for a brief visit and drove by Tiger Stadium. It was about half-way demolished. It was kind of sad for me.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First day of Kindergarten

C1 had his first day of Kindergarten yesterday. He was pretty excited about riding the bus for the first time. He also had his best friend from Pre-school in his class, so he was excited about seeing him. T on the otherhand was not so excited about him riding on the bus. She was worried about who the driver was, what kids would be on there with him, and wanted to know the bus route. She had talked very seriously about following his bus to school on the first day. She decided at the last minute that she wouldn't. I think some peer pressure from me and my sister made her feel overprotective, so she opted not to follow the bus. I am sure if we would not have been around, that she would have done it. Anyway, we both met his bus driver, and she seems like a very nice lady, so T and I felt very confident that C1 would be safe.

We felt safe until about 12:30pm when C1 was not home from school yet. You see, school gets out for AM Kindergarten at 11:30. His school is no more than 1 mile away. We both were wondering why he wasn't home yet. T called the school, and found out that since most Kindergarteners have never ridden a bus before that they would give them a lesson on crossing the street, and waiting for the driver to wave them, and how to behave on the bus.... all the bus safety things. Well, that was nice to know.... I wish I knew beforehand but... OK. 2 minutes after T gets off the phone with the school, the bus pulls up. T showered him with questions, but all C1 would say is "good". It was a memorable day. By the way... C2 wants to ride the bus with C1.

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Sunday, August 03, 2008

getting dressed, and Dot Com withdrawal.

For 5 years I have been waiting patiently for C1 to learn how to get dressed himself. They say, "Be careful what you wish for." He changes more outfits in one day than I can count. Several times during the day, I will notice that he has had a wardrobe change. And a few times, he has woken up in the morning with an entirely different set of pajamas than I put him in bed with. And these changes of clothes seem to happen for no reason at all. Well, no reason that I can tell anyway. I bet there is a reason to him.

Meanwhile C2 is going through "Dot Com" withdrawal. He calls the computer "Dot Com". He would play on the Dot Com all day if you let him. He likes a cartoon character named Ben 10. So he has learned to turn on my computer, click on the boys account, click on cartoon, and then click on ben 10 alien force game. Then of course he plays the game. The kid is 2 years old, and can do all that. At first I thought "Wow, he is pretty smart!", but wait. So, if I go to use my computer after him... it is usually frozen up. He has opened so many windows, that my computer just refuses to function. One day he had more than 20 windows open at once. I had to put a password on the boys account. Dot Com Broke

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