Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Television Judges

It's the beginning of the new television season and just when I thought there wasn't enough room for another half hour TV court show, it seems there are even more on TV this season.

Current Courtroom shows:

Judge Judy
Judge Joe Brown
Judge Greg Mathis
Divorce Court (Judge Lynn Toler)
Judge David Young
Judge Alex
The Peoples Court (Judge Marilyn Milian)
Eye for an Eye (Judge "extreme" Akim)

I think the following have been cancelled:

Texas Justice (Judge Larry Joe Doherty)
Judge Maria Lopez
Judge Hatchett
Judge Mills Lane

That's a bunch of court shows!

Some other judge TV tidbits:

Judge Judy makes $30 million per year. More than Katie Couric ($15 mil.), Bob Barker ($10 mil. his last season), and Ellen DeGeneres ($5 mil.) combined!

Judge Wapner was the best and started it all on The Peoples Court in 1981.

Here's another thing, it seems to me that all the baliffs in these shows are the opposite gender of the judge, and of a different race too. hmmm weird.

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You should also check out Judge Karen.
She is GREAT! She wears a red robe and is SO funny and professional.

Judge Hatchett is still on.
Love the new format for Judge David. He's the greatest.
Judge Hatchett has been cancelled. The 2008 season will be the "best of" Judge Hatchett. That is actually a scary thought. How many episodes of Judge Hatchett are worthy of "best of"? 1 or 2?
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