Friday, September 12, 2008

Sarah Palin - My thoughts

"John McCain has chosen Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to be his V.P." When I first heard that, I said out loud, "Who?" I thought, "What was he thinking?" And, for a candidate that has been saying that "experience matters" to choose a person that really nobody in the lower 48 states had ever heard of. I thought "that is odd". I didn't like the pick for that very reason. I mean how can he (McCain) claim that experience matters when she really has very little? If he wanted a woman, surely he could have chosen one with more credentials, and that shares his ideas. Some questions that I have wondered since Governor Palin was introduced to the rest of the country...

1. I have heard several people question her dedication as a mother because she decided to run with McCain instead of stay home with her family. For example: "How can she leave her special needs baby and her pregnant teenage daughter at home when they need their Mom the most?" or "She is selfish to think of herself at times like this." There is no way that anyone would say that if she was a man. That is offensive to me, and I am a man.

2. Why have people brought up the fact that she didn't write her acceptance speech? No politician running for a major office in a major party has written their own speeches for years... and now it is an issue? And, I think it was obvious that she DID have a hand in writing it.

3. Where are all the womens rights groups that claim to fight for all womens rights? If they really were interested in advancing their idea that women should be treated equally to men, they should back a woman as V.P. right? Maybe they just want to advance liberal womans rights?

What I like about her is that she could be my neighbor. She is my generation. She has kids (ok, just one) younger than my kids. I love that she has taken the media attention away from Obama, and everyone wants to know more about her. I also like when people mention that she has more executive experience than Obama (actually more that Obama and Biden combined).

I asked my wife, "If McCain/Palin win, and a year from now we wake up and hear on the news, that President McCain was killed/died overnight, how would she feel about Sarah Palin stepping up to the podium to address the nation? She said "not so good". I agreed. I then asked myself how I'd feel if a year from now Obama/Biden were in the white house, and I thought to myself... "President Palin has a nice ring actually".

Oh yeah.. this was priceless...

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If being mayor of a small town and governnor of a state with fewer people than 18 US CITIES counts as sufficient executive experience to run the county, then because ky job title has been managing editor twice I should expect that call to run the New York TImes any day, huh? She is not experienced enough, she just isnt. She couldn't even define the Bush Doctrine, she thinks it's OK to invade Pakistan (an ally) and she is just not qualified for the gig. And hat leaves aside my huge disagreements with her politics.

And I resent the implicaiton that because I am a feminist I should back someone whose very philosophies go against the feminist agenda (it is hilarious to listen to Republicans all of the sudden love love love working mothers!). I felt that same angerat people who said that somehow I was betraying feminism by not wanting Hillary Clinton to get the nomination, by the way. Anyone who picks their candidates on gender (or race) alone deserves the crappy governing they will get as a result.

Do I think it's cool McCain chose a women? Absolutely. But this particular woman is the wrong choice of running mate for a 72-year-old man with high cholesterol and skin cancer.

That being said, I do agree with a lot of your post.


Brett's Token Liberal Friend
I do not expect feminists to back her political agenda, but I certainly expect them to speak up when others question whether a woman can raise 5 kids and run for V.P. Instead I hear crickets.

So, being governor of a state with population of 2.3 million makes one qualified for president (Bill Clinton), but a governor of a state with 700,000 people makes a person unqualified to be even V.P.? I am just curious... where is the cutoff?

Unfortunately people vote for candidates they like personally instead of people that will represent their own beliefs for the country. In this case, if people vote for McCain/Palin because Palin "seems cool", it will advance my personal beliefs for our country.

I have always loved working mothers My wife is one! :)
Good post. It sounds like you're really getting through to Kuras.
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