Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Deal or No Deal

I, like millions of others, have gotten caught watching Deal or No Deal. Just because I want to see what the final outcome is, I force myself to wait through all the commercials and dramatic parts where NOTHING happens. I always told myself that the show could last about 2 minutes if they just showed the good parts. Well, thanks to my DVR, I just watched the "hour" show where the contestant wins the million. From start to finish I was done in 30 minutes, and that was just deleting the commercials. Imagine if I would have deleted all the dramatic parts! IF you didnt see it.... heres what happens.... spoiler alert! The lady gets down to 2 cases: $200,000 and $1,000,000. The banker offers her around $550,000. At this point I ask my wife... "What would you do?" We both agreed we'd settle for the $550,000 instead of risk getting the $200,000. But in all fairness, I probably would have settled for the $108,000 offer 3 rounds before this. Anyway, obviously the lady says "NO DEAL!" and when they open the case, there is the million... confetti, and cheering and roll credits.

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