Friday, March 28, 2008

March 2008

I have been procrastinating. I keep telling my self that I need to write down some thoughts on my blog, but have always said, "I will do it tomorrow". That tomorrow never comes. So, for some reason I decided to log in and jot down some things.

I lost my grandma at the end of February. She was 4 months shy of her 100th birthday. She was my last grandparent. We took the boys up to Michigan for the services. The boys have never seen the farm in the winter, so one bright side of the trip was watching them play with Granny and Gramps in the snow. Granny and Gramps asked if they could have C2 for a week. We planned to spend our vacation the following week in South Carolina. So, my parents offered to take C2 a week early, and we'd get him when we went down on our trip. That meant that C1 and C2 would be seperated for a whole week. It also meant T would be seperated for a week too. By the time we left for S.C. we all missed C2 tremendously.

We left on vacation in the middle of the largest snow storm Ohio has seen in 30 years. If we didnt miss C2 so much, we may have waited it out. There was NO way we should have been driving, but we were determined. At one point, there was an electronic sign that said "LEVEL 3 SNOW EMERGENCY - EMERGENCY VEHICLES ONLY". We drove on. We finally got out of the snow in Tennessee somewhere.

When we finally got to my parents house, C1 and C2 gave each other big hugs. We spent 5 days in S.C. Most of those days were in Myrtle Beach. Granny and Gramps took us there again this year. We all had a ton of fun. C1 could touch the bottom in the pool, and C2 learned to say "BEACH". Oh, and Granny got in the pool! I think that might be the first time in my life I saw her in a pool. The lowlight of the trip was when I got kicked out of a timeshare sales presentation. It's a long story... If you want the details, you'll have to contact me. Let's just say they threatened to call the police on me! Oh, and another thing, the people at Westgate Resorts are deceitful, and their sales tactics are unethical, bordering on illegal. The highlight for me was seeing the "lazy river grin" on my sons face when he was in the pool.

We spent Easter morning here at home. Then the boys and I went to their Nana's and Papaw's for Easter dinner. It was a fantastic meal. And the Easter Bunny was very good to the boys... as always.

That was March in a nutshell... here are some pictures...

C2 making a snowball

C1 and his snowman

Look out Tiger woods!

The Lazy River Grin

C2 at the beach

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