Thursday, December 20, 2007

My Niece

I have been without my computer unexpectedly for a week or so. I have not been able to post (obviously). But I am back. On December 4th, my niece, Kenzie, was born to my sister and her husband. We cannot wait to see her!

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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Family Elf Dance

I heard about this crazy thing and had to give it a try. Click the link below to see my our crazy family spreading some Christmas cheer.

See the Family Elf Dance HERE.

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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Holiday Puzzle

C1 has been working on Jigsaw puzzles online. He wanted to see how some of my friends and family might do with the same puzzles that he tries. So, I included one here. He finished this puzzle in just under 29 minutes. Try it and respond with your best time.

Click to Mix and Solve

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Monday, December 03, 2007

International Harvester

A few months ago, T and I (along with the kids) took a trip to town. We take the back roads. Well, it was during harvest time and we got stuck behind a gigantic piece of farm equipment that farmers call a "combine". This enormous piece of equipment took up the entire width of the road and most of the shoulder. And I think the max speed on a combine is about 5 M.P.H. Needless to say, a large back up of cars gathered behind this thing. I would say at least 15 cars were being "inconvenienced" by this combine. Now, we were the second car back so I could see the driver very well, and I knew that he knew the traffic chaos he was causing. I told T, "That guy is just being rude by not pulling that thing to the side and letting all these cars pass. Who does he think he is?" Well, eventually, he made it to his cornfield and pulled off the pavement. I thought that any other person would have let those cars pass and not held them up, and that this guy must just enjoy hearing horns beeping and getting the one finger salute. Then just a week or so ago, I turn on the radio and hear a song about this exact same thing! Yes, a song about how this guy drives a combine and if he gets in anybodys way they can go ahead and cuss cause he aint movin' any faster! It is called International Harvester, by Craig Morgan. And yes, it is a country song. After listening to this song, I realised that this guy that I encountered probably wasn't in the minority. I bet there are a bunch of combine drivers that enjoy making others wait. And I for one don't care for them. Click HERE for the audio.

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