Tuesday, November 21, 2006

"F" word is M.I.A.

So, it has been a couple of weeks since we heard C1 use the F word and variations of it. He hasn't used it since (unless you count the time at the pediatricians office). I have seen "Floyd's" parents a couple of times in passing, but I obviously didn't say anything regarding the bad word.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Koala Bear Drawing

C1 was drawing today and told me he was going to draw a koala bear. This is the first time he has drawn anything that resembles anything whatsoever. The attached picture is his final rendering. I had to label some things for you. These are what he told me all koala bears have. I asked him about arms for his bear, and he said koala bears dont have arms. Oh, and yes it IS red and green (with a brown unknown object).

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Friday, November 10, 2006

Parent/Teacher Conferences

T and I went to Parent/Teacher Conferences yesterday. C1's Teacher was very pleased with his progress. She said he does a very good job for a 3 year old. Most of her students are 4 years old and sometimes she forgets he is only 3. She was surprised when we told her about the potty mouth incident (see previous post). She wasn't surprised when we told her that C1 accused "Floyd" as the alleged classmate that directed him toward mischief. She assured us she would keep an eye on that and let her assistant and aids know as well. T and I left the classroom very happy with C1's progress and behavior in pre-school.

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

C1 a potty mouth?

My jaw dropped to the floor. I couldn't believe what I just heard out of my son's mouth. Maybe I was imagining things, so I listened again a little closer. I wasn't imagining it. C1 is 3 years old and today November 8th, 2006, he said the "F" word! Somehow I imagined his first swear word being poopoohead, not the F word. I had not prepared myself for this. I thought I had a few more years to plan my reaction. He must have heard this in school I thought. I know he didn't learn it from T or me. I had to think quickly. Do I freak out and yell at him and spank his bottom and send him to his room and demand he never talk like that again? No... that is too extreme and I didn't want him to get a big reaction because of this word. I wanted more information, and I knew I had to do some professional interrogation to find my answers. My goal was to get my answers from him without him realizing how much attention he would get (albeit negative attention) from this one word. So, I calmly asked him what he said. He put his face in a pillow, so I knew that he knew he shouldn't be using it. I asked him who he heard this word from. At first he wouldn't tell me, but after a small amount of coaxing, he told T the boy's name that taught him this word (we'll call him Floyd to protect his identity). We told him this word he was using was a bad word and that Mommy and Daddy didn't like him using this word. We told him that if Floyd ever used this word again to walk away. He seemed to understand, and hopefully we didn't teach him that saying this word will get him all kinds of attention. So, T and I have Parent/Teacher conferences tomorrow. I am interested to hear what his teacher will say about this. T hopes Floyd's parents are scheduled immediately after us for conferences.

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Halloween pic's

Yes, I know... I am a little late with Halloween Pic's. And for the record, Conner is a lion, Clay is a Clay-o-lantern, and Baby Jordan is a Bumble bee. It was a very fun night. Granny, Gramps, Nana Kim, Aunt Sandy and Baby Jordan all came over for the festivities. The highlightof the night (for me) was watching Conner look in the mirror after his makeup was on and growling at himself. He was amazed at his new look. Trick-or-treating was from 5-6:00 (perfect!) We walked up the street with the kids and Conner went to every house and said "trick-or-treat"... "Thank you" and then roared. We came back and handed out candy for another 1/2 hour or so. Our town of Willard had a costume parade and magic show downtown, so we all took the mile trek to the downtown area of Willard. Wow! tons of people. Actually, tons of princesses, firemen, spidermen, and witches. All the kids were down there for the parade. The parade was sort of lame, but all in all good fun. We didn't stick around for the magic show or the cider and donuts. I know I had had enough of crazy unsupervised kids, and didn't want to stick around to see them high on donuts and cider.

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